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van der wiel harness

Dedication to perfection

Nothing is so good, that it can't be improved!

The making of driving harness is based on centuries old tradition and on the practical experiences of generations of drivers. Their experience is invaluable because in those days intensive deliberation and pioneering were necessary to be able to manufacture such good harness and this has been handed down to us through tradition by our fathers, grand-and great grandfathers.


Through their everlasting search for perfection, quality and functionality, we nowadays have improved materials and engineered assembly methods at our disposal, from which our good old driving harness can also profit. Based on that, a philosophy has been developed in the company history of Van der Wiel saddlery: 'The world's most innovative harness makers - Zadelmakerij brothers Van der Wiel!'


Innovation in the development and making of driving harness does not mean that one can discard traditionally approved methods. Innovation manifests itself in the perfecting of craftsmanship - incorporating modern possibilities into the design of the details, in the improvement of function and in the assurance of top quality and durability.Since they were established, the Van der Wiel company has realized many new ideas, which have had a decisive influence on international harness manufacturing.


Harness for presentation and dressage New standards were created, which cannot be ignored in today's driving sport and leisure driving. For example, the typical driving bridle, special kinds of leather for training and marathon harness or the quick-release systems on tilbury tugs, pads or traces, as well as many other things. The horse is always central to today's development and manufacture of our harness. Only a perfect fit, in every detail of functional harness, can offer the carriage driving horse the optimum working conditions. The driver can enjoy the best quality and durability, the optimum handling comfort and excellent maintenance features. We have followed this philosophy for many years.


The brothers Van der Wiel are proud that the world's best drivers prove time and again that this philosophy is sound. In both leisure and competition sport, as well as in elegance and in show turnouts, Van der Wiel harness is the first choice worldwide. That is the result of our daily dedication and innovative work in the centuries old craft of harness making. We use traditional knowledge handed down across generations, our own experiences and we are also open to the suggestions of our customers. That is how we are able to offer each driver an individual harness of the highest quality and ultimate practicality.


We build our future with traditional craftmanship!