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van der wiel harness

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Another great advantage of the van der Wiel combination harness: With only a few extra parts you can transform your pair harness to single or to tandem! Please contact us for an expert deliberation for your needs!

Made from the best quality chrome leather.

Very low maintanance.


Pair combination harness Deluxe

2 bridles                                     
2 breast collars                         
2 pads                                          
2 tugs                                           
2 back straps                             
2 thicker cruppers                   
2 pole straps                              
1 single rien                              
2 pieces for pair rein              
trace holders with elastic       
2 martingales                          


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The Van der Wiel harness is of course available in different sizes; from pony to horse.If you are looking for a harness for daily use, you will find the ultimate solution in Van der Wiel combiharness. Once you have chosen this highclass substantial harness, you will have nothing further to worry about! And the combiharness is so stable that it can also be used as marathon harness without any problem.


Single combination harness Deluxe 

1 bridle                  
1 breast collar     
1 pad                       
2 tugs                      
1 back strap            
1 thick crupper    
1 single rein          
1 breeching             


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A lot of compet ition drivers in the world are using the combination harness not only for training but for marathon competition, because they can rely on van der Wiels quality not to let them down. And all top drivers agree that the unique quality and special patent designs for quick release for the safety of the driver and the horse give them an advantage over everybody else. 

A harness built to last for ever.


Four in hand combination harness Deluxe 

4 bridles                          
4 breast collars             
4 pads                               
4 back straps                  
1 pair rein                        
4 thicker cruppers       
2 pole straps                  
four in hand rein          
4 trace holders             
1 coppling strap           
2 rodger rings               
4 martingales              


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